Sarah Baxley, DNP, is a doctorally prepared practitioner with over 15 years of experience. Located in Destin, FL, Access Now Primary Care, LLC, Dr. Baxley provides affordable and accessible virtual health care to residents throughout Florida. 

Dr. Baxley completed her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the Medical University of South Carolina. She then pursued her master’s degree in nursing at South University in Savannah, Georgia. After graduating in 2015, she went on to complete her doctorate in nursing practice (DNP), with a focus in oncology, at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. 

Upon completing her studies, Dr. Baxley began consulting for multiple companies, including telehealth companies, before launching her own virtual practice. Dr. Baxley also has a non-profit charity called “Keep Our Kids Warm,” which provides winter gloves, hats, and coats for children in her hometown.

At Access Now Primary Care, Dr. Baxley practices medicine with the philosophy of “always putting patients first.” She encourages her patients to discuss their health care openly, and she empowers them to take an active role in their treatment planning. 

While Dr. Baxley is experienced in oncology and orthopedics, she focuses on providing primary and urgent care at her practice. Through virtual consultations and appointments, she strives to understand your health issue and find the answers you need to achieve the best health and wellness possible. 

Residents of Florida can benefit from the ease and accessibility of telemedicine for challenging conditions like hypertension, thyroid disorders, acute illnesses and depression Dr. Baxley provides prompt support for those struggling with urgent and primary care needs. 

Whether you need a new primary care provider, medication management, or specialist referrals, she can help you get the treatments you need to stay healthy, happy, and most importantly, achieve the quality of life you deserve. Call the office to schedule a telehealth visit or book online today to learn more about Access Now Primary Care