ADHD services offered in Destin, FL

If your child has trouble getting along with others or daydreams often, it might be time to schedule an assessment for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). At Access Now Primary Care, LLC, Sarah Baxley, DNP, provides telehealth evaluations and compassionate support for children and adults in and around Destin, Florida, who are struggling with ADHD symptoms. Call the office to schedule a telehealth visit or book online today.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is a behavioral health condition that can occur in adults and children. It’s often diagnosed during childhood, but those who have it as children tend to see their symptoms evolve over time. 

At Access Now Primary Care, Dr. Baxley provides telehealth care for ADHD and other mental and behavioral health conditions. Regardless of your age, she can manage your personalized care plan and help you lead a successful, productive life.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

ADHD symptoms fall into two distinct categories. Most of your symptoms may be in just one of the categories, or you might have an even distribution of both types. 

During your assessment at Access Now Primary Care, Dr. Baxley evaluates you for:


Inattentive symptoms of ADHD make it difficult for you to pay attention. You might be easily distracted, forgetful, or have trouble following instructions. You might also be disorganized and seem to run behind on your responsibilities.

Hyperactivity and impulsiveness

Hyperactivity and impulsiveness make you feel restless, and you often have trouble sitting still. You might talk a lot or interrupt others frequently.

If you notice symptoms like these in your child or yourself, you should contact Access Now Primary Care. Children’s symptoms of ADHD are often more pronounced in a classroom setting, so you might hear about them from your child’s teacher first.

How can I manage my ADHD?

Managing ADHD is possible with individualized care at Access Now Primary Care. After evaluating your symptoms, Dr. Baxley collaborates with you to create a treatment plan for you or your child. She might coordinate your care with other specialists, which may include therapists and psychiatrists. 

Typical treatment plans for ADHD include:


Medications for ADHD improve your focus by balancing the levels of specific neurotransmitters in your brain. These medications control the symptoms and can help you better manage ADHD.

Behavioral counseling

Behavioral counseling can teach you or your child to recognize and manage behaviors related to ADHD. Depending on the circumstances, you might benefit from family counseling, as well. 

To learn more about the treatments for ADHD, call Access Now Primary Care to schedule a telehealth appointment or book online today.