Your Guide to Adult ADHD Symptoms Made Simple!

Mar 17, 2024

ADHD Symptoms

Your Guide to Adult ADHD Symptoms Made Simple!


Hey there, friends! Dr. Sarah Baxley here, ready to chat with you about adult ADHD. It's like having a bunch of playful puppies in your brain, making it hard to focus and stay organized. Let's talk about common and uncommon symptoms so you can understand your mind a little better.

Common symptoms of adult ADHD include things like feeling super-duper forgetful, like when you leave your keys in the fridge or forget to finish your homework. It's also tough to pay attention, like when your mind wanders off during class or work. Some folks might feel fidgety and have a hard time sitting still, just like a squirrel with too much energy!

Now, let's talk about some not-so-common symptoms. Some adults with ADHD might struggle with managing their emotions, like feeling very sensitive or getting upset easily. Others might have a hard time with time management, making it tricky to stick to a schedule or finish tasks on time. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, don't worry! There's help available. Reach out to Access Now Primary Care and schedule an appointment to chat about your concerns. Together, we can work on understanding your brain better and finding ways to make life a little easier.